Nancy and Larry Kinnett have spent years studying and working to assist their clients with the best in hands-on healing and herbal remedies. They specialize in several modalities of holistic/alternative healing practices.

We make barn calls to provide services to you and your horse.

Call (715) 891-6299 or (906) 370-9847 or email us at if you have questions or to make an appointment.

equine reiki

Horses are very receptive to energy work and will greatly benefit from receiving a treatment. Equine Reiki is a gentle hands-on therapy beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety, relaxing muscles, alleviating digestive and behavioral issues, injuries/soreness, and many other issues. Restores positive energy flow, correcting imbalances.

Riders will also benefit from a session inducing a sense of deep relaxation and well-being! We can combine a session with you and your horse.

chakra reading, clearing and balancing

Blocked or congested Chakras (energy centers) may cause imbalances or dysfunction. When open they create a flow of energy or chi. Proper functioning of all the Chakras insures appropriate energy flow to all body parts, including vital organs. Balanced Chakras results in optimal health and vitality, affecting emotional, physical and mental states.

benefits of equine reiki and chakra balancing

Equus Borealis and Borealis Holistics are subsidiaries of Borealis Holistics Ministry Ltd.; a non-profit organization dedicated to gentle healing of body/mind/spirit.